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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Daring Sea Captain Spyglass

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

I see you!

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

170 users have this item up for trade: puppysmix, Mondsteinherz, penitent, Ricardo_, hazelgrace, xmickay, CalicoTigers, Cherryade, talky_toon, prin69, thereha, punkys, Daniellemt, Ropose, heathernel, guik44, geeketcetera, penitent, Jennygpy, kimchica, Zelda, guik44, bossycat1033, akaki, adonia_rose, goldfur, hardy0417, reiven_zero, xxmew_zoey_xx, MauMau, rosegarden, mooonpoool, philipina_ballerina, kalsagnia, BambiXS, arhallick, Gingerbread, roseyfen, Mimsdal, goldenox, jakynar, simplesong, ostian, skwooshy, brother_red, sbunny, Miosuki, Kokojazz, Temeraire, succubusty, lightmage, eggtart_bakka, SLP, layces, magikangel, SarahJuneBug, Featherfire, frozencookiedough_z1, evemnia, starlightpixie, meredithfayrd, fyrion, palegold, tiggy027, ___veilside___, iamnotawindmill, forfun, Marleen, plushie_finder, asellusofshrike, melieworm, tsunami_5001, kitiara31, eyax, sweetpeach7720, _xxangelcakesxx_, roeccoco, NovelaixSedai, karuness, lancey_smiley, Serythe, mysteryfuzz, spaceybite, OzarksUFT, kevinbacon, extravagance, peacelovejewelry, Wife, ladybug420, safrana, crowless, Lissy, Phoenixx13, Seven, ri-bread, MacKynzie, clumsycloyster, Tyger, tehuber, Dragorath, durkje, jakynar-sales, Meer, flashash10, NIKKI_ANEE, alessandria707, Prict, Hel, Kristin76, sunkissed_dew, arwenvs, jamiegsy, Nikolai, topazyurble, native_pride01, missmisery, chelseadawn, xxxfenice_neraxxx, answeredxx, Sdwalden, tripexprin, Eiuora, scary_chicken, echobabygirl, firepixy, kirable, crypt, margee21, xoople, i_will_always_luv_me, cya163, mybeebsnme, Firenze, bossyboots2u, gordo793, Chriddy, Lartherian, tsuki18, elan, dalila_arends, Tami, spd, divineaurora, sublimemindaz, millertime704, maantje_luna, experimentalism, caminando, Natty1066, cartoon01, oomagicwitchoo, parody_ham, Destiny_Sphinx, mandakitty12, whitehouses, BrittanyWylie, Judith, Sylria, lilybugme, GLaDOS, margee, Cathy Martin, mika_9, Susara, Bebaa, Ollilein, Stealthclaw, miissttee, Stacie, and Ryan more less

6 users want this item: magical336, tangerine_paws, cheetahgrrl91, lar, openneoqty, and brulourinha more less


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