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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Sophies Stew String Lights

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Gross food is really quite pretty when it is lighted.

Occupies: Background Item

Restricts: None

86 users have this item up for trade: vally, CalicoTigers, talky_toon, mooonpoool, gamergrrl, penitent, dalejr, xxxspiff3hxxx, mslovelymuse, adonia_rose, karo, goldfur, werelupewoods, SweetLullaby, Gingerbread, diadems, topazyurble, carrbot, nightshade_nova, Aymmee, Vixenx, golden1188, JMcDine, gothika, martia, inieuwendaal, kristinlos, sweetpeach7720, plasticboat, iinkedd, Athnei, Katelyn, decalis, extravagance, ladybug420, cheeky_jess, crystalkitten, snuggle_33, supersaurus69, Lyssie, theoriginalboocat, gingerbabyx3, apbjs187, kndmonica, jennychenz, rudegothdad, sn4zzeh, jotty346, arwenvs, hunneypot, adeth, jamiegsy, paintedpeophin, Nikolai, Krismoon, gregoentre, bighead620, trunks_girlfriend, letizia88revenge2, bossyboots2u, Jennygpy, tsuki18, gordo793, naika_is_da_best, becca_sama, tmofall, jojoscloset, divineaurora, Sisebi, millertime704, claireeski, Cathy Martin, Justtakeitaway, Dagorloth, Tian, DekSy, Destiny_Sphinx, Nubisbully, Emy, noodlelon, ramonesbaby, fukanocecile, twilighter_emzee, Kort, whitehouses, and feminist more less

6 users want this item: oshichi, ginnyclone, readler, NY_YING, kuramas_foxy_rose, and bro0ker more less


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