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MiniMME7-S2: Busy Springabee Tree

NC Rarity: 500 (???) JN Items

Look at those busy little Springabees work on that honey! Note: This is the first stage in a two-stage Mini Mysterious Morphing Experiment (MME). To learn more about MMEs, please go to the NC Mall FAQ.

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

74 users have this item up for trade: silvernoon, dearless, crystalsbri2002, alphafemale, theyellowrose, kalsagnia, hnel, kcleones, Vixenx, prada, unheroine, Exyrea767, vally, Mimsdal, marva, bestforever_2004, yasmin_sb, Nocturnite, Blibbloe, Pulse, mrsxxrupertxxgrint, Oh So Random, Featherfire, Nevadaka, Kokojazz, Ani, ___veilside___, lally199, hellokitty0616, yaschips, jenneh2, Daisies, kristinlos, dolphingirlkurama, godtiermarsupial, Quilpy, Serendipity_Pea, Nocturnite, kaze-kun, anivatta, suixx, hillary890357, xobandit, chrissyfromla, kaypar, meilin, mexxy, Kageric, imbitter, ashley_lemay007, opel1156, stttarlight, jak3, _xxangelcakesxx_, icetee35121, kuehne, lien, flashash10, kthrnz, nepkeete, coco_bella, slayergal666, bighead620, scary_chicken, Yellowd, amarinda, ahiix_, sternfan, minnybri, thedetermineddiva, Miss, Chriddy, miissttee, and jessirochelle more less

12 users want this item: ello, pixienerd, Sezyvex, Reeves, pudston, Cameron1515, therottonpug, allisonbloom, tmofall, romancement, paradisiec_play, and Linziej more less


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