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Lighted Holiday Gazebo

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

A lovely place to sip a hot beverage under. This NC item was awarded for shaking a Lighted Holiday Snowglobe!

Occupies: Background Item

Restricts: None

54 users have this item up for trade: Exyrea767, rosegarden, hnel, lemcneill, im_so_jaded16, Analyn, Epicnese, ghospie, arwenvs, Kokojazz, lymypaikka, mirandathepanda, ___veilside___, Marleen, sweetseastar, Katanachi, Bonnieblue01, Amberly19, udubgirl2012, wazapets, glasstiara, jmo7692, Seven, hartley03, ninjamax, Hel, zombiepoodlemutt, hunter4ever, Sammygdog_2, Thyago, devin1211111, bwilson512, terahawk, kirable, xomissbrittanybooxo, amarinda, leelia, kymkitten, Tyger, flowersprincess, pythagoras, babyunico, Natty1066, greyfever, Gabudude, jewdea, skro, Judith, endlessnumbereddays, Lady Astrid, Morgn, Sylria, kapowsha, and Ina more less

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