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Floral Lace Parasol

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

This decorative parasol casts a pretty shadow. This NC item was awarded through Shenanigifts.

Occupies: Right-hand Item sometimes, Right-hand Item sometimes

Restricts: None

33 users have this item up for trade: eceltic, chaviely, plasticboat, candiebabe92, Mandah, bunnyfir, naneun, claireeski, gothika, Shayla, grevious551, tanytany, jirachigirl9, Cassiopeia, Nevadaka, alisonage18, wikkineo, cosmicjoy, hunter4ever, radiokarma, xDaydreamx, Tamit, shinikins, spaceyrules, smallestfox, Harro_Creo, Thalassocracy, prettylilpunk, jusjus72, Kamil, danielle`, aumazing, and ingrid more less

32 users want this item: Nefarity, 170, bunnybunzz, mirakusho, Ninjakat1, Gwenyland, jenneh, grimen, ri-o, stmarshall, nedzmic, temari, koegu, sweetestgurl013, _roxou_, kitty_cat_hersh, veraamber, undeadhanky, suzie_b_1, thapprentice, preciousky, Rinukee, anglitora, OokkoNaata, Kimmi, mentalyuncertain, Amortentia, firenrocks, Bebop, DekSy, Solyane, and KirisAmou more less


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