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Beaded Shoulder Armour

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Look at the intricate bead work! This NC item was awarded through Patapult.

Occupies: Jacket

Restricts: Body Drippings

29 users have this item up for trade: jamiegsy, eceltic, vampitex, Allyloolia, jardoz, starrqua, LittleMissAlexa, brechu, RosaIce, sad, a_life_of_love, Cassiopeia, native_pride01, carmina, jmo7692, silversteven, _sanguinary_, 1776, hunter4ever, Jennygpy, corylus, angelor_deviludecide, chloe_d, Lora, _Sushi65_, pisheileen, kooky_user, phoenix_through_fire, and Sisebi more less

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