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Tropical Island Swing

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Swing to that balmy island breeze!

Occupies: Higher Foreground Item

Restricts: None

104 users have this item up for trade: sasuke1322441, kate_454, silvernoon, floneko, ello, m1ntyone, araelle, georgiesbuttercup, Illuyen, Jazzy011, roseyfen, OzarksUFT, chocopurin, sweetchocolate, Russ, anneem9999, wetcement, Bernardo Sampaio, Cappuccino, wrathofwest, superman, redblack60, spukl1, krumbed, Vixenx, dare, cassiopea566, Amnesia, stinky_678, marva, esophee, mizz_fokissed, norma, apbjs187, shofi_111, chameleoncat, amythiiel, Mamiknitcrochet, sergio_184, shirok, hnel, synisters, game_of_thrones1, Zanyx, alphard, evervast, sunshine_10, JMcDine, smalvaradd, sapphrodite, colormeclever, lunatic_kiss, azuresea, v1cky_, Daisies, sprace, TARDIS, just_a_girl95, stmarshall, Agnes, Nevadaka, wintersunboheme, thedirtydean, hotpinkpirate, Kellyd45, princesssnake, Violette, opel1156, tv-island, decalis, ___veilside___, kdobbin, Thighnoon, kaypar, anishcooties, godtiermarsupial, kanichiwa07, colormeclever, scary_chicken, Kokojazz, dianacpv3, plasticboat, cindy_23492, Sigris, hegemon, Iggyific, xcrain, babyunico, native_pride01, madzi, hiphophimel, jwtruthgirl, sanamm, ohlola, udubgirl2012, Seryndale, bwilson512, wildangel333, petrock554, 40_below_summer, Sycotica, garettesky, bbubblie, and danielle` more less

14 users want this item: waritha, Loyswo, StarlightShimmering, sweetestgurl013, romancement, corn_pops2002, ZenKitsune, dirtylace_420, lovely_anais, taintedbayle, noileh, tripexprin, darkinvader1981, and inourstars more less


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