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Hearty Bunch of Balloons

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Is it just a coincidence, or did those ballons form the shape of a heart?

Occupies: Right-hand Item sometimes, Right-hand Item sometimes

Restricts: None

57 users have this item up for trade: tehuber, gauges, vicky_x0, Lyss1560, jardoz, Plushielover63, fairytail, smalvaradd, udubgirl2012, faerieskater, Sarahh, Seven, kaychung, pinkflowerchild, Blaise, munewhisker, Caesarsidesalad, Helia, Cybunaholic, gabisanabria, Cutiepie4707, nepkeete, kccap, vallentine, reece_layton, Nadya, petrock554, kalsagnia, Demadla, corn_pops2002, lin_cjaem, Amanda Buck, dirigibleplums, Caesar, amber_hart77, e_dubbbb, nightwishfaerie, Perfektly_Flawed, edubb5, LeahD92, neoluuve, babyunico, Snuff, Tigerlily8403, ohthepaleone, princymeng, jusjus72, laughinglola, Serrahwei, Destiny_Sphinx, Sisebi, zeusbobcat, Powder, Skortchybear, jussylynn, einahpetsx, and claireeski more less

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