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Oversized Single Flower

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Who needs a whole bouquet when you have this beautiful flower? This was an NC prize for attending the Insider Experience during Altador Cup XI.

Occupies: Right-hand Item

Restricts: None

113 users have this item up for trade: Machi, Amylee159, tiffyfluffy, miss_lauren1, redgeisha, kugarugi, Grimsie, SilentCloud, hayley, Lully, loral, doctorstars, Vixenx, Sigris, guveniere, Hilarionsf, lainchange, materialgirl, MacKynzie, scherwoodz, Blaise, winterdreary, Looeez, deerestauri, Plushielover63, Kaydri, aubrielle, radiokarma, Syprae, bently_and_mira, Halery, Caesar, cupkait, sailorini_1, Lyssie, knightwriter2010, djanae, erinx319, claidissa77, rinzombie, Shadyhaven, Daisies, roo, bridg.sitara, wikkineo, meilin, villain, icing800, jussylynn, meanderingriver, Star_Babe53, leticiahpj, combustibles, sophiabutcher, devin1211111, devin1211111, Chocolatemuffin4, Dino, jlpearcy1, Genevieve, velvet_lechance, roxychalk, wildangel333, einahpetsx, shogunaska, Stormaggedon, hillary890357, floopeh, Genevieve, xomissbrittanybooxo, ixiholic, bemine_4ever, gone, Mallory Wilson, autumnn2, cassmaniac, Lisamouse, IceSapphyre, carbuuchiu, Roseyflower, birdwalk, Tralah, tripexprin, xxwaterlilyxx, akahades, missemmy, Noahlina, slayergal666, jwtruthgirl, hiphophimel, kaze-kun, scary_chicken, July, native_pride01, laughinglola, sixteencandles_x, shishou_fuuin, pythagoras, zeusbobcat, zyl, gabisanabria, chausiku, essstabchen, _naomi_, DestielGirl, missy182, jlpearcy1010, terahawk, dreyymer, venabre, stardustbreeze, graceboscorelli2012, and oohuguhoo more less

9 users want this item: nahimebella, Jellybaby, ene_x, _Sushi65_, thenirnroot, salyrian, sar102, snowdancing, and dafrozen more less


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