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Extravagant Birthday Cake

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

You cant have a birthday party without cake!

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

111 users have this item up for trade: janesoutfits, dragondancer007, Enchanted, _cerulean_, booop, raquelle, aubrielle, perduco, Plushielover63, sasuke1322441, queenerised, moonshimmer18, dafrozen, felixfelicis, Jayia, derangedchild4u, ambuscader, rikany, fairytail, reece_layton, sulfurbutterfly, jestercat13, j, scramble08, neopian124, laughinglola, Krissy, Cappuccino, Quilpy, luzila, llmac4lifell, mrs_chubbychicken, staryanna, RosaIce, starspangledsky, chickenderby, jlpearcy1010, jotty346, punkys, nicobutts, native_pride01, JessGuin, Mephisto, Ben, Sisebi, Kellyd45, mindy_moo22, Wenchleeuh, maruuji, grevious551, hopefordreamz, meanderingriver, Rommaru, moira, jolts94, faerieskater, misnomer, Rachel, aventinaratraya_, chamomile, Sigris, rencontrezmoi16, OnFleek, amandakrueger, ilovemykitties12, guveniere, sapphoandsybil, zerorita, jamiegsy, moon_hates_you, annnnis, anivatta, Morgenichole, MacKynzie, Nocturnite, Helia, villain, Kristin76, Pika, lacrossechik, Lysistrata39, who77777, allybaby, hunter4ever, harrts, zeusbobcat, udubgirl2012, lissait, July, CupcakeBakery, catz1, naexia, KingKougra, 360spinfish, Halery, meilin, sketch, xeclipsesx, morgkitty, plasticboat, Cryotical, shogunaska, deerestauri, Cherryade, Elusi, tangledheart, brechu, Demadla, im_not_crazy007, babyunico, and wintersunboheme more less

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