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Premium Collectible: Luxurious Hammock

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Sit back and relax! This NC item was given out as a Premium Collectible reward in Y19.

Occupies: Higher Foreground Item

Restricts: None

105 users have this item up for trade: Zanzia, thenirnroot, creature, amaranthya, dolphingirlkurama, ThirteenHours, flafika, missemmy, oldbluehat, dementia_20, native_pride01, choleross, Sparkie, sarabearr, gene_beans, Aseo, bwilson512, remidica, Takemetoneverland, pythagoras, grevious551, Chocolatemuffin4, egrettagarzetta, violetsigh, icing800, Shadyhaven, natalian, einahpetsx, jolts94, androidturret, Sparticuz, spbeccah, xyz99100, tiggy027, koalaharrislover, Meer, Bailey, annnnis, mikja1, emmz_emmz_, Paradigm Shift Guild, dhanifan, Dragorath, starspangledsky, djsmurphy, dare, Paradigm Shift Guild, KittyKatty1234, madzi, Emerald_Unicorn, jessbunnyxo, auriun, Sigris, rencontrezmoi16, knightwriter2010, padf00t08, happygirl, kootchaloo, MacKynzie, corn_pops2002, alooongtimeago, Nocturnite, Nocturnite, vballfanatic2005, mexxy, chausiku, clumsycloyster, brechu, Elvenangel, Paradigm Shift Guild, shogunaska, missxblonde7x, dragondancer007, zyl, jak3, nacchan, daisybaby11, roxychalk, halley31, hegemon, Helia, ilovemykitties12, wavesandsunshine, Marc, Ayme, KingKougra, dream_wave711, wufan, just_a_girl95, jwtruthgirl, Purplebin, runawayx13, villain, klippenland, dafrozen, anglitora, itipeque, kayahtik, rayoceanweaver, Seven, s57v58, hillary890357, misterprozac, joanna!, and zerorita more less

3 users want this item: sketch, taylorjm, and jlpearcy1010 more less


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