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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Shining Faerie Wings

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

These luminescent wings are so bright you might be mistaken for a light faerie!

Occupies: Wings

Restricts: Wings Transient Biology

93 users have this item up for trade: chiaokeli, vally, arolia, fosterfaerie, Aeiki, spellmagic, chaeldar, Act4You, oshichi, iXippy, avelaingia, prin69, Tikiara, yopojoe, aleqxi, m_magic_girl, KrysD, shadowsparkle, grizzly, emeraldtek, owlcitizenskysailor, Enchanted, rasendra, lugal222, j0ujiu, nicobutts, Kagali, undeadsissy, aelyn, chanty, lorilet, leilani214, hthrlee, alooongtimeago, curlygirlloves, louisep, yalecurling, dare, andres_1550, Woolfiee, siaaaaanxo, claireeski, roseyfen, smalvaradd, daisybaby11, aquaantoni, imbitter, silversteven, gingerbabyx3, stinky_678, night_kitten_, Nully, djsmurphy, plasticboat, lauraek96, lucy_haha, suneibybaby, bathpaint, leannara, control, tpel, faerieskater, csinychick, j_blaise_c, ohitsjenny, Melinha, luffy, sunset40595, frangypanny, lorlurin, vitorplemes, dakotaaa, cassiopea566, fhoto, turtlelunch, shoyshoyru, rukanightmare, scrumple, brother_red, alessandria707, ferowbie, sweetneopine, polesiapart, fairytail, marva, x_Amaranth, fireangel, Sezyvex, game_of_thrones1, subzero, melieworm, great__romances, and great__romances more less

9 users want this item: jesterlavorre, xStacyx, nandamsqt, pink_gatomon, Valerie, who77777, darkinvader1981, venabre, and sailorini_1 more less


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