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Dyeworks Pink:Quaint Seat on the Moon

NC Rarity: 500 (Artifact) JN Items

Its the perfect view of the stars so why not catch some while you are at it. This NC item was obtained through Dyeworks.

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

202 users have this item up for trade: discohappytia, ellenik, sweetchocolate, Kristi_grrrl, Cherryade, Zanzia, freak_ee, capturedsecrets, Enchanted, mishkab, blankside, ncforyou, ciphur, mmoocow123, blumbot, 0o_simple_plan_o0, wintersunboheme, polesiapart, jessi018, naners, PlayBook, potter, omomo, woahhhalexis, anonymaus, avalonsmage, sailorini_1, Loyswo, lithopel, xxxspitxxx, _iina_, Kianna, Exyrea767, riseupgamers, lacicale, BokuWaKiba, Spabl, strawberrystraws, spellmagic, thevampirelestat_x, ryizen, oshichi, yasmin_sb, ufotea, snowbaby, Ishmael404, crafty, sieskitty9, lizwisch89, flameoftheunderworld, suu, briellette, heylyss, stinky_678, gigiwuwi, gerrralddd, butterflychick2073, shizokoh, Kageric, chrisssy, lonewoff, i_will_always_luv_me, pixiezui, MayAngelQt, nivetha16, pixiezui, kuehne, bilib, twiddle58, bittersweet-apple, subzero, eikourei, talky_toon, invaderzimgrl777, silentmuse_x, velvetdeer, ouzzow, jackolantern, phresh, great__romances, Faeriedoll, m_magic_girl, miss_lauren1, mmpotter, bunnykitty687, Abbstract, DearDeanna, lavenderbunny94, junglekub, Blaise, punkys, abusively , roseyfen, claireeski, dafrozen, jakynar, lucy_haha, peacebuggiee, Princess Zelda, jenocide, lucario348, sweetneopine, smalvaradd, tpel, astrobae, np_faeries, deweydecimal, Zanyx, snowqueenoftx, xxsteffiezxx, Liss, special, heathernel, im_poor, nofx__, suneibybaby, yalecurling, tinkmaskter, aelyn, jouster, razcalz, fennec, Harro_Creo, santamonicace, undeadsissy, ashley_lemay007, chaoticdust, morgkitty, nat2076, raelien, muuah, arwenvs, adonia_rose, Scarlett, yopojoe, Kokojazz, spellfall, lally199, sannri, xmysticalangelzx, ello, lugal222, voot_cruisin, hidefromreality, Vonclaire, rattazana, Hamzah, azuresky, Jennygpy, skidsy, tristen21, xxdonutoid, lorlurin, kimchica, velvetgeisha, lightsfalling, icetee35121, kate_454, roeccoco, tootsiex3, chippypink87, jesselb9289, veracity, adorable1996, hartley03, waritha, raquelle, sasuke1322441, Sezyvex, curlygirlloves, shofi_111, katelynnfitz, Wolfia, purple, anneem9999, Reeves, kamichy, brother_red, fireangel, csi_sage, livard, chromasia, Sliced_Ramen, hatenna, game_of_thrones1, darcwhale, ohitsjenny, fairytail, purplenightgalaxy, jennyliiu, Liz_bee_anne, shishou_fuuin, riosuave, j0ujiu, djleclair, Amo, lozzy, baj2117, udubgirl2012, 2006artur2006, paands, and hopefordreamz more less

26 users want this item: becki622, forgottenfolly, berly, Pumba, _showjumper, sleepytroll, sassy1624, Michelle, salyrian, yoyohayli, Vidhi, jasilin, thomie97, venabre, Princ3sscouture, violetsigh, Ozzabot, mjindigo, bradpitt_4me, rayoceanweaver, finissaient, sftangliz, Daeeh, esophee, Marleen, and Abbie more less


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