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Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet


Gift of Roses

NC Rarity: 500 (???) JN Items

Fresh flowers to let you know how much you are cared about.

Occupies: Lower Foreground Item

Restricts: None

137 users have this item up for trade: Nyoxic, Agi, mulbiles, cheryl, cheryl, Bre, Mamiknitcrochet, ufotea, Sophia, CopperGoblin, eikourei, spellmagic, kaze-kun, shylady04, heathernel, Kurabelle, great__romances, reiven_zero, rhino_loupe, kittyloveshim, shishou_fuuin, cassadaisy, mmj1990, rukanightmare, Enchanted, Enchanted, Socsialdisgrace, gotarcticfoxy, ohitsjenny, m3gvirg0, moonmoon, yalecurling, andres_1550, rowanrat, lancey_smiley, briellette, kate_454, luvicks, NicoleGoddessofLoki, louisep, elenoosh, capturedsecrets, Kagali, tiggy027, AJ, nauseacrusty138, aurorapearl, Nocturnite, curlygirlloves, lucy_haha, Cowshed, Roseyflower, Sezyvex, naners, Kageric, Cutiepie4707, comets_and_cakes, thorilliere, iloveyou637, Kamal, Exyrea767, wilkstress, ohyeahallison, Sliced_Ramen, janeyherondale, anneem9999, avalonsmage, bathpaint, Shadyhaven, mooonpoool, bleedingrouge, Aeiki, NatalieGraham, heartswept, 01_baby_girl_, lzarc, Keeyla, parleur, alooongtimeago, shizokoh, xxmarshmall0w, silverstorm300, shirok, _georgi_03_, DuckyxD1, imgonnageta, evemnia, taintedmusic, Eloain, dinahaby, chanty, Demadla, Erliane, Cherryade, Cherryade, rpgangel, mariscloset, inciters, Slam DUde, bilib, elhiwe, gerrralddd, jennibeans, talky_toon, athzalar, eleganza_lights, sublimechik22, rytuna, avelaingia, mermaidlora, zig_zaffy, sygrepeat, mako, Vivian, csinychick, pinknela, shofi_111, scary_chicken, _iina_, Toastedmarshmallows, Erik, vesuvius_410, yopojoe, jouster, roeccoco, lalala, Sides, melieworm, Kimyo, suu, lorlurin, lizwisch89, ilikegnorbus, aleqxi, karenfuzzi, SunflowerLoving, and baiuki more less

2 users want this item: Monica_Claire and becki622 more less


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