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You wont believe that this soft dress was made from straw! This was created by the Crafting Faerie. Woven Straw Dress NC
There seems to be something lurking within the fog...This NC item was a prize for participating in the War Booty event. Wraith Fog NC
Those ink designs almost look like they are hiding a wraith or two... Wraith Ink Frame
A dark ombre for a dark occasion. This NC item was a prize for participating in the Wraith Resurgence event. Wraith Ombre Wig NC
This staff is just glowing with Wraith magic! Wraith Staff
A lovely design in a spooky colour! Wraith Wings NC
Extra absorbent and super soft! Wrap Around Towel NC
These trousers wrap around you and have a tie! Wrap Trousers NC
One of the most fall accessories you could ever have! Wrapped Leaf Bracelet NC
Are these real heads? Unravel them to find out! If you dare. Wrapped Mummy Heads NC
A cool top for a hot day. Wrapped Top NC
Now this is one way to give the holidays a bit of fun.  This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y11. Wreath Boa
This was once a majestic and beautiful wreath, then some sort of darkness overcame it. Wreath of the Night NC
Uh oh, it looks like the printing press at The Neopian Times is malfunctioning again? Written Word Shower NC
What a lovely meeting spot for Valentines. This NC item was awarded for participating in Sealed With A Gift. Wrought Iron Heart Gazebo NC
Youll look lovely and peaceful in this dress... But are you hiding other motives? This is the 4th NC Collectible item from the Friend or Foe Collection - Y17. Xandra Collectors Dress NC
Show your supervillain pride with this terrifying yet stylish mask. Also protects against cunning insults. Xandra Mask
Nobody will recognise you in this cunning disguise! Xandras Cunning Disguise
She may be gone, but you still need to whisper when youre in this library! Xandras Library Background
Youll never forget what year it is when you wear these Y12 glasses! This was given out with the Stocking Stufftacular Y11! Y12 Celebration Glasses NC
This train has many memories from Y12. Y12 Commemorative Train NC
Celebrate the new year with gold balloons of course! Y21 Gold Balloons NC
These multicoloured decorations were crafted from yarn! Yarn Decorations Garland NC
Now you too can be a Noil tamer! You received this item by opening a Big Top NC Cookie from the NC Mall. Yarn Noil Handheld Plushie NC
This underwater fishing cavern is full of all sorts of strange things. Why not enjoy the new year here! Ye Old Fishing Vortex New Years Background NC
If you like hanging around Petpets, this is the perfect setting for you! Ye Olde Petpets Stall Background
This special party hat came out of a Neopets 9th Birthday Goodie Bag! Yellow 9th Birthday Cake Hat
This brightly coloured bench is accented with pretty flowers. Yellow Bench with Flowers NC
Take a little bit of nature home with you. This NC item was a prize for participating in Lulus Raid of the Royal Neopian. Yellow Flower Branches Garland NC
A dress that is as bright as the island sun. Yellow Island Dress NC
Dress to Impress
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