Mall_floatingneggfaerie Infinite Closet

This rugged shirt has lots of pockets to put things in... Adventure Shirt NC
It looks like these trousers have been through more than one adventure. Adventure Trousers NC
These boots are waterproof in case of spring showers. Adventure in Pastel Boots NC
A combined bodice and ruffle shirt in bright pastel colours. Adventure in Pastel Fitted Top NC
A cheery curled wig with a hat for the spring sun. Adventure in Pastel Hat and Wig NC
Lulu is all geared up to go on an adventure! Adventuring Lulu Standee NC
Are you brave enough to fly? Adventurous Parasailor NC
This shield must have been strengthened with magic! This is the 2nd NC Collectible item from the Questing Faeries Finest Collection - Y14. Aethias Collectors Shield NC
This combination will fit right in at the Neopian National Bank. Affluent Banker Shirt and Jacket NC
The name says it all! After Party Fireworks
This delicate necklace is sure to sparkle and shine as long as it doesnt pop. Air Faerie Bubble Necklace NC
This faerie statue pours a misty stream from a vase that pools into the clouds. This item was created by fourin! Air Faerie Columns NC
TODO Air Faerie Eye Shadow
Add feline looks to incredible audio Aisha Ear Headphones
Get radiant, flowing locks like Aisheena! This is the 5th NC Collectible item from the Defenders of Neopia II Collection - Y15. Aisheenas Collectors Wig NC
This staff is really quite nice with the head of the Alabriss on top. Alabriss Staff
Who doesnt want a helmet shaped like an Albot? This prize was awarded by Lulu for participating in the Case of the Missing King in Y14. Albot Helmet with Goggles NC
Watch out, they might come back. This prize was awarded by Lulu for participating in Lulus Roo Adventure in Y14. Alien Abduction Background NC
The tentacles can hold Neocola cans too! This prize was awarded by Chadley for beating his Daily Dare score in Y19. Alien Aisha Cap
Now Aishas arent the only ones that can have six ears! Alien Aisha Ears
Comfortable and magnetic for space ship wear. Not too heavy either. This prize was awarded for beating a Daily Dare score on the release date in Y19. Alien Shoes
Who loves Neggs? You do! All About Neggs Background
Be careful, there might be something lurking behind you... All Hallows Eve Backdrop NC
Looks like you got all wrapped up while wrapping presents. But its a look! All Wrapped Up NC
Protect Altador valiantly with this official armour. Altador Altador Cup Armour
???????????????????????????????? Altador Altador Cup Jersey NC
Everyone will know which Altador Cup team you support when they visit this locker room! Altador Altador Cup Locker Room Background NC
Show your support for Altador with these Altador Cup Team Spirit Banners Altador Altador Cup Team Spirit Banners NC
This looks like the entrance to somewhere impressive... This Altador Archway Background is only available if you have a virtual prize code from BURGER KING(R) in Canada! Altador Archway Background
Looks like the castle is all decorated for the Altador Cup season... Altador Castle Wall Foreground NC
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