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Numbers listed are how many i have of that item. If i have more than 1 of said item, i may be more willing to trade it. :)

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Main Closet

Note to self: Doesn't Include what pets are wearing.

closet of Main. Probs not for trade, but go ahead and ask i suppose.

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Higher # of that item i have, the more likely i am to trade. <3

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Main SDB Trade

Items in SDB on main account. Sorted - However i may have missed a few items i don't wish to part with lol. <3

Not currently Motivated to Trade NC. You may be able to persuade me if you have An item in my Customization wishlist. Or if you're offering an Overtrade. lol.

I never do 2:1. Don't ask. Thanks <3

For trades, most wanted: Cookies - Lab ray, Archive, and Upcycle.

May also accept Fae cookies, and GBCs when i'm more interested in trading.

Boxes i have: 16

This list is empty.

Side 3 Items

Some for trade, some not. Not sorted

Box count: 2 GBC: 0

Items Numbered 5, not for trade.

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Items Trhpeanut wants

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Customization WL

All numbered WL items in this section are approx GBC value

Priority over anything else, unless i state otherwise :)

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For friends

Items i want to help friends get :D

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For future pets

Not actively seeking these items. But, still feel free to offer.

This list is empty.

Holiday WL (halloween/Christmas, etc)

Items i'm looking for for my pets holiday outfits. :)

As these are not year round customs for my pets (and the ones left i still need are for sides) i'm looking to only trade items for these.

This list is empty.

Maybe for right price

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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