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# A Note

Last Updated:
Jan 7, 2018 9:52 p.m NST

for a more complete trade list, including unwearables

or to use their "Compare with Your Items" feature

if you see it, it's up for trade or I'm seeking it. if you don't see it, I'm not seeking it nor do I have it (up for trade)

I'm in the same time zone as NST but a night owl. I might be sleeping or at work or simply not interested in being on Neo for sporadic moments but I've never quit or hiatused.

I don't have a custom up for trade and any GBCs I may have are only up for trade for my most wanted populars wishes

quantity numbers ARE quantity except 1a. 2+ GBCs and 1b. Highlights, those are values either based on value check boards (not very recent) or rarely, personal opinion

This list is empty.

1. SDB

everything is 2:1 for GBC cubes, except items marked as 1000, it means it's on hold and items ending in 99 quantity are ~1 each and only up for trade for
Masked Halloween Gift Box Mystery Capsule (valued at ~2)
Silvery Winter Gift Box Mystery Capsule (valued at ~2)
I will do GUARANTEED 4:1 ONLY for these 2 GBCs
since I need their pesky LE boxes for my collection in my gallery

Dyeworks items in this list are so common, I'm trading them 1:1 for Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion (or Dyeworks Holiday Hue Brew Potion or Dyeworks Winter Hue Brew Potion)

part of my 2:1
Spring Negg Wreath
look up for what's inside these items:
Candy Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag
Flowery Valentine Goodie Bag
Neopets 18th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag
grams themselves are no-trade:
Holly Holiday Cracker Gram
Little Hearts Sweetheart Gram x7
Ruby Red Sweetheart Gram x13

NOT part of my 2:1
Summer Sunset Mystery Capsule ~1
these neggs are no-trade and I need 2017's Mysterious Dust first:
Cloudy Magical Negg
Cracked Magical Negg
Colorful Magical Negg

This list is empty.

1b. Highlights

I'm not seeking a custom or GBCs for these, only trading them towards my Populars wish lists {More interested in these Populars or (Not in a list)}

I'm not doing 1:1 swaps, I can do 2:1 or 3:1 or any ratio where my end is higher than your end and possibly add GBCs to make up the difference

one of two sections where quantity is value

This list is empty.


Not For Trade...unless you have Gift Mystery Capsule, the first ever GBC

This list is empty.

PB Clothing

there are 2 things you need in order to get Paint Brush clothing: the right coloured pet and an available INBOUND transfer.

Colours such as Quiguki, Royal and Usuki are each split into 2 different colors: (colour) Boy and (colour) Girl so the pet you have must also be the right gender on top of being the right colour to get those PB Clothing

Shoot me a neomail, I always have my transfers available since I don't move my pets around

If you're looking for a Magma custom, I know my magma time (11:30-11:39 pm NST) so you'll need an OUTBOUND and INBOUND transfer available since pounding a Magma pet turns it red

This list is empty.
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