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Welcome to my Tradelist!

I try to keep my TL updated and organized but sometimes I may forget to remove something from the list. If that's the case, my apologies!

My non-wearables TL is located here.

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This list is empty.

2. Tradelist (1 cap)

All items on this list are UFT for 1 cap each

The numbers represent the quantity

This list is empty.

3. Tradelist (2 caps)

These items are UFT for 2 caps each or a similar custom

If there is a number on the item, then that represents the quantity

This list is empty.

4. 2:1 GBC/rr cap or 1:1 FQC/dyepot

Numbers represent the quantity in this list.

5:1 Game: If your GBC gives me extra boxes, then I am happy to send you extra items from this list. Just let me know before we trade if you're interested in playing the 5:1 game.

3:1 Buyables: I can also do these 3:1 if you pick 3 buyable items. If you're not sure if the ones you're interested in are buyables then feel free to ask!

This list is empty.

Items Kageric wants

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1. High-Priority Wishlist

I may be able to offer GBCs or customs for these if I have them available to trade, so feel free to ask!

My highlights/popular TL may sometimes be hidden so feel free to post or mail me your wishes

Offering GBCs for these items:
Shenkuu Handheld Fan (5 GBCs)
Robertas Collectors Contacts (7 GBCs)
Armin Collectors Contacts (5 GBCs)
Viras Collectors Horns (2 GBCs)
Nightmare Bristle Cape (2 GBCs)
Dyeworks Grey: Magical Golden Markings (1)

This list is empty.
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