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Items Enchanted owns

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Resources to trade with

Last Updated: 28th Dec 2020

Box Count :395
GBC's : Yes
Custom : Yes - Amount varies

I am an active trader (on daily), I will respond to all
mails, if I don't reply, then I did not get your mail
please drop me another message. My inbox is
NOT full , no matter what it says :)

I will NOT offer custom or gbc's unless stated on my active NC board.
The only exception is for certain "13" marked wishes

My Sister (Katie/Capturedsecrets) has my permission
to offer my TL for her Wishes

My sides are - Jademyst...Enchantedglade1982...Pookytwo...and Sparkling_glow

This list is empty.

Section 0 - Unwearable's UFT

You can find my Non Wearable items here:


There are Mystery Capsules, KQ Tokens and more

This list is empty.

Section 00 - 1 Cap sale

Everything here I am letting go for 1 gbc

This list is empty.

Section 01 - Backgrounds

This list is empty.

Section 06 - Clothing

This list is empty.

Section 10 - Colour Specific

Please note - I am VERY picky with my baby items

This list is empty.

Section 11 - Dyeworks

This list is empty.

Section 14 - Premium / Collectible Items

This list is empty.

Section 17 - Side Account (pookytwo)

These items are mainly UFT for GBC's /
current game packs or event packs in the mall

55 = Picky with items

I disagree with ALOT of /~waka's
values on the Crafting faerie Items

This list is empty.

Section 18 - HTPW Items

I do NOT agree with certain values on /~waka
Please don't be offended if I turn down a fair offer.

I am Not looking for GBC's for this section sorry

numbers = quantity not values

This list is empty.

Section 19 - UFT for Priority Wishes ONLY

Items here I am ONLY trading for my High Priority wishes
PLEASE don't ask for items in this section if
you do not have one of my priority wishes.

This list is empty.
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