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Items LilyLuff owns

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Overall Tradelist

GBCs available: 3

Items with quantities that end in '21' indicates a value of 2:1. Items with quantities that end in '31' indicates a value of 3:1. With either 2:1 or 3:1 items, if there is a number different from 1 following 2# or 3#, that represents the actual quantity of the item(s) I have, and it's still considered 2:1 or 3:1. Items with quantities of '55' represents items on SIDES that may or may not be boxless (so I will probably trade them for a GBC/whatever their value is in GBCs, which would require you to trade me the GBC first).

Furthermore, since it is important, for the sake of trading partners' peace of mind, these are my side accts that I may occasionally ask for items to be sent to: thisismethatsyou, junegloom32, pokemon_queen47, and adorkablylily. If you need confirmation that it is me before we trade, please ask and I would be happy to oblige by sending you an NM from the specified acct as confirmation.

Last updated: April 2nd, 2021

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The Sweetest Gift - NFT

Big ol' shoutout to the kind people who donated my wishes to me. -hug-!! Never up for trade unless I state otherwise (but that is highly unlikely, so don't hold your breath!).

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Items LilyLuff wants

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Low Priority/Casual WL

Low priority/casual meaning: even if they're worth several or more GBCs, I do not covet them enough YET to offer their deserved value. For items that are not worth more than 2 GBCs, I'd very much prefer to trade item:item or dyepot/FQC:item (such as for lesser value wishes).

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