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Closet - In Use // MFT

This list is a "showcase" of the items which are being used on my current pets; Bounapart, Bernadytte, Emmegene, Ange_Faerie, Ginneviev, Kolian, Sionata, Lewcius, Lustatt, and Stierling.

This list is set to public, not trade.

Items marked 99 can be offered on, but please know that they are currently being used on my pets. Because some may be difficult to replace, I expect moderate overpay to pry them from me.

This list is empty.

UFT- Foregrounds, Garlands, BG Items, & Showers

This list is empty.

UFT- Backgrounds

This list is empty.

Items Kaydri wants

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I Want::

Number = amount of GBC I'm offering

No number? I'm offering 1 GBC ^_^

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