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A — Welcome! — A

Thanks for checking out my trade list!
Number = how many GBC I value the item at!
No number? I value it at 1 :)

If you see something priced lower than usual, don't worry- I did that on purpose!
Just trynna clean out my closet, so I discount items I'm not super fond of.

I'm not currently seeking GBC.

This list is empty.


This list is empty.

BG Items, Foregrounds, Garlands, & Showers

This list is empty.

Only For 10+ Cap Value Wishes

Items here are for any item I'm seeking that's worth 10+caps.
I'll happily offer a mix of these item + GBC if you're interested, & I'm fine with reasonable overpay!

Thanks so much for understanding!

This list is empty.
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