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1. Welcome!

Welcome to my WL/TL! I love casually trading and my neomails are always open. I'm online daily and always try to respond, but if I miss your neomail or forget, please feel free to NM again. I typically always have custom available to offer as well! In light of recent events around the NC, I just have to say... this is the ONLY account I trade from! I do not have side accounts. I will never ask you to send items to any other account except this one!

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2. Highlights

Just some things that are a little nicer than the rest of my TL! I wouldn't call any of this HTPW, but I might be a teensy bit pickier with these since I'm hoping to use them to achieve my high/mid priority wishes! However, I try not to be greedy with NC. Neomail me any and all trade opportunities! :)

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3. UFT

Any numbers are quantity, not value. Feel free to ask about 2:1s!

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3. WL - Very Casually Seeking

Please note, these are just -casually- seeking! Some of these items I'd really love to own, and others are just items I came across and thought were cool and put here as reminders, but I'm not too concerned about actually owning them or not. All that to say, please don't be upset if I turn down a perfectly fair trade if you are offering items from this section :)

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