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02. Sorta Really Nice Stuff That I Appreciate Their Existence in Neopets

Some are closet. Some are hard to part with. Sorta picky but will trade these items away for the right items

2 means it's on a side

This list is empty.

03. Wigs from My Wig Gallery which are Sorta Up for Trade but I Still Want To Keep Them for My Gallery

can be UFT for other NC Wigs but still picky cuz it's my gallery stuff okay? lol

This list is empty.

04. Would Love To Let You Have These Items Cuz I'm Desperate to Trade These Away for My Wishes

Literally for anything. Ask first because some are on sides. "2" means they are on sides. Also, some can go 2:1

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00. Expensive or Popular Wishes that I'd Commit Manslaughter For

These are items I reeeallly like and would trade my soul and a leg for. Every time I log-in my DTI list, I feel crippling depression in realizing that I probably will never get these items, like ever. Someone please end my suffering.

Applies to all other list below:

100 means priority wishes

21 means looking to trade it in a 2:1

This list is empty.

01. Wishes I'd Like to Have Because I Actually See My Pets Wearing Them

Seeking these ASAP because I actually envision my pets wearing these and not just looking nice in my closet

Also seeking WIGS for WIG GALLERY (like I would list all the wigs I need but I don't want to take all day to check all the boxes to put them in a wishlist)

This list is empty.

02. Wishes that are Not as Important as the Others But I Still Want Cuz They Probably Look Nice in My Closet

03. Items I Gifted Away or Sorta Regretfully Traded Away But Not Really Sad About It Cuz I Probably Got Something Nice For Them But I'd Still Like One

Sometimes in life, you have to let go of some things to move forward. It's like what they say; "If you love something, you better be ready to let it go" (idk who says that). But sometimes, the ones that love you back will always return.

(these are some stuff I regret trading away once I traded them away but not actively seeking them)

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