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A. Hi!

Last updated on **17/08/2020**.
Will update after every trade.

If there is a "99" on the item, it's reserved.

Neomails are always open, I am on almost daily and I always
try to reply. If I haven't replied in 24 hours, I likely haven't got 
your mail, so feel free to mail again.

I don't always have wearable wishes, so if I have something 
you are seeking, I am usually happy to accept GBCs/FQCS/custom    
and I'm always willing to have a look at your tradelist.

Also have these **non-wearables** UFT:
Heart Valentine Goodie Bag 
Money Tree Cupcake (2)
Purple Festive Balloons Goodie Bag
This list is empty.

B. UFT ~ 1 Cap | GBC sale

Most of these item's I'll do 2:1 GBC. Just ask!

If there is a "99" on the item, it's reserved.

This list is empty.

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Dress to Impress
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