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Items jillpuppy owns

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* Hi there~

Hello! I'm Jill :*.

I'm (generally) not seeking items unless they are on my wishlists...but I might be tempted by GBCs or Upcycle FCs! My inbox is always open - I'm not necessarily on daily, but I'm fairly active, so you should probably hear back within a few days.



Last updated on 8/16/22 - Trading temporarily on hold, I've got a bug where items disappear when I remove them from the closet on my main

This list is empty.

* Highlights

Pretties, etc.
(Note that some of these may be on boxless sides and require a GBC to be included, lol)

This list is empty.

1-Cap Items

All items I will trade for one GBC!
(Note that some of these may be on boxless sides and require said GBC to be sent there first, lol)

This list is empty.

Buyables / 2-for-1 GBC Sale

Will trade any two items for one GBC. (If I decline the trade, it's probably because both items are on different boxless sides, haha)

This list is empty.

Spare Paint Brush Clothes

These are mostly from lab pets that have zapped into something else. If you need any of these, drop me a neomail - please make sure you have at least two transfers left for the month, though, as I don't usually have a spare pet slot!

This list is empty.

Items jillpuppy wants

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1. High Priority

Actively seeking everything on this list!

This list is empty.

2. Medium Priority

I'm looking for these items, but don't necessarily NEED them right this second.

This list is empty.

3. Low Priority

Dress to Impress
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