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2+ cap items

Please Read 1.I am seeking gbc unless I have a board up saying I am seeking something else or there are items on my wish list! I will on rare occasions trade items for faerie quest or training cookies,mostly items in the 2:1 section. 2.If you mail me please be aware that I am not on very often anymore I may go days without logging in.

Items on this list are worth 2 caps or more and I will not discount or do 2:1 on them.Numbers on this list indicate value.

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2:1 trade

These Items I will accept gbc for unless I have a wish list.Numbers on this list indicate how many I have of each. I will do 2:1 on items here.

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Closet items

I will trade some of these for fair offers,please don't be afraid to ask or offer.I may refuse fair offers.We all have those items we don't want to let go of unless we absolutely have to I am no different.Numbers indicate value-some items I may value higher and values might be outdated,make me an offer if you feel the value isn't right.

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Dress to Impress
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