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Items valued at /~Waka

NP wishlist: /~Qrog

Numbers in my tradelist refer to quantity, 200/300/400 means they're on side accounts.

Numbers in wishlist refer to values. 241 means it's something I've seen in a 2:1 before.

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2:1 and 3:1

Anything I have multiples of can go 3:1

Usually accepting cookies as well!

Upcycling these casually

There may be more 2:1 things in my regular tradelist I just haven't sorted out yet. Feel free to ask!

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Regular UFT

Non wearables:

-Neopets 20th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

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Items paigeanng wants

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B. Dreams

Items I'll probably always want but can't afford

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C. Casual Wants

Not actively seeking, but I do want them eventually. I would definitely accept these as fillers in a trade. No rush on any of these.

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