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Please keep at least 6 ft of distance during any and all trades. Safety first!

Neomail is fine so feel free to reach out to me. I try my best to always answer so if you haven't heard back don't hesitate to mail again. Sometimes neomails get lost in all the extra crap TNT sends out when trading.

If you mail me for a trade please state specifically what you are offering. I'm not much of a casual trader so I'm not likely to look over your list for some random item I might want.

I usually have plenty of GBC so I am not likely to trade for them except from the strangers and weirdos categories.

p.s. I did not number them wrong, #2 is a hidden category.

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1. Family

I have customs planned for the entire year and these are the items I will be using. I'm not likely to trade from here unless I offer it. This list is basically my closet and is set to public, not trading. Some of these I'd be happy to trade once the custom has passed so don't be afraid to ask.

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3. Friends

Trading for wishes only

I will be flexible but it's not guaranteed I will accept an offer. (I get irrationally attached sometimes). Numbers indicate value.

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4. Aquaintances

These items have a higher value or are popular, or newer but I have no problem trading them. I would prefer to trade for wishes, archive cookies, and GBC in that order. (Any number indicate last ~waka value check)

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5. Strangers

All tradable for GBC, archive cookies, or small wishes. I'd possibly go 2:1 on some of these, feel free to ask. (Any numbers here are quantities)

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6. Weirdos

I do not see myself ever using these items, or I have more than one. All are 2:1 or better (any numbers are quantities)

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Items djsmurphy wants

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*** I need these now! ***

**I need these next**

I will need these within the next month or two.

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*I need these sooner or later*

Items I am looking for to complete customs this year, the need is just further away.

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