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Happy New Year!!

I love neomail trading so feel free to reach out to me. I try my best to always answer so if you haven't heard back don't hesitate to mail again. I'm usually on at least once a day.

I prefer to trade for wishes but I'll often accept archive and FQ cookies, GBCs, or DW and RR caps too. I can also usually offer GBC, cookies, DW caps and custom if you have something I want and I don't have something you want.

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1. Family

I have customs planned for the entire year and these are the items I will be using. I'm not likely to trade from here unless I offer it. This list is basically my closet and is set to public, not trading.

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2. Friends

I have customs made but not scheduled for these items, or I just really like them. Trading for wishes, not GBC. I will be flexible but it's not guaranteed I will accept an offer. (I get irrationally attached sometimes). Numbers indicate value.

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4. Strangers

All tradable for GBC, cookies, or small wishes. I'd possibly go 2:1 on some of these, feel free to ask. (Any numbers here are quantities)

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5. Weirdos

I do not see myself ever using these items, or I have more than one. All are 2:1 or better (any numbers are quantities)

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Items djsmurphy wants

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*** I need these now! ***

I have an immediate need for any items here.

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**I need these next**

I will need these within the next month or two.

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*I need these sooner or later*

Items I am looking for to complete customs this year, the need is just further away.

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X S'mores X

Items from this list go to smore_smores

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