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*** UFT - VHTPW *** for Priority!!!

These are some things I love but, depending on the offer, will still trade. The Autumn Back Porch Background is only uft toward my priority wl, preferably by Evening Rooftop Background, Vintage Lantern, Galactic Traveler Wig, Charming Halloween and Flowering Vine String Lights, Luminous Pumpkin String Lights. Feel free to ask. Thanks!!******

++ they aren't UFT for GBCs, please don't ask ++

## Other items that tradelist do not ask me how many GBCs I want, just make your offer. If I do not answer your neomail in one day send me another, I can be deleted without reading. ##

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                      **Updated: September 21th, 2016**

Please feel free to neomail me at any time if you find me through DTI. My mail is always open if you are interested in trading or other questions.

I'm always seeking all my wishes, but prefer 1st Priorities

::: HOW I DETERMINE VALUES ::: I use /~korolie & /~Saphronn for a general guide. Some items I value differently depending on how much I like them or how easy/hard they are to find or replace. If you don't agree with my values, we don't have to trade...but I hope you want to.

CASUAL TRADES ~ If I have something you want not highlighted as HTPW, but you don't have my wishes, I will look through your TL. As long as my box count isn't 'low', I don't mind browsing. Just ask.


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"NC wishlist"

"NC wishlist"

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