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1. Highlights/Info

Last Update: 16 September 2020

I use ~Waka/~Priscilla as a guide for values, and always double check current values before a trade to make sure it's fair for both of us.

Numbers are approximate GBC value at last time I checked, unless I say otherwise on a particular list. Items marked 1000 didn't have values last time I checked, usually they're new items and I'm happy to trade at whatever value they're currently trading for.

I have my closet, gallery and gifted items set to private, so anything you see here are things I will trade. I also have a hidden wishlist of things I just find pretty and want to remember, so if I have anything you want but you don't have anything from my wishlists, feel free to send me a link to your TL and I'll see if there's something I want!

TL;dr version: Basically, I trade at value guide values and I'm a lot more easy going than having a long info section suggests. If I have something you want and/or you have something it looks like I want, send me a NM and we'll try to work out a fair trade.

Please note that I'm in Europe, so daytime NST is nighttime for me.
I'm usually on daily and never ignore NMs though, so if you don't hear back within a day or two, do feel free to resend to make sure I got it.

This list is empty.

2.1 Tradelist - ambrosia_immortal

Gift Boxes: 10
GBCs: 1
NC for customs: 3625

Other nonwearables UFT:
NC Mall 13th Birthday Jukebox Mystery Capsule (5)
Tropical Vacation Retired Mystery Capsule (2)
Usukicon Y22 Mystery Capsule (2)
13th Birthday Whimsical Wish Candle (1)
Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion (1)

This list is empty.

2.4 Tradelist - ragingrainbow

Gift Boxes: 0

This list is empty.

2.5 Tradelist - secretringbearer

3.1 2:1 Sale

2 items for 1 GBC.

Usually happy to trade these for other offers too unless I really need boxes. Just ask if you're interested in anything! These are all things I never use or have extra copies of, so I'm really not fussy.

This is a mix of items from all my accounts, numbers are for me to remember which account(s) they are on.

This list is empty.

3.2 Buyables Sale

One GBC gets you as many items as I get boxes. Also happy to trade for buyables of similar value, several of these for an item, or add them to other trades.

Basically if you need any of these let me know and we'll work something out, otherwise a lot of it is destined for upcycling.

Numbers are for me to remember which account they are on.

This list is empty.

5. Reserved

Items which are reserved for future trades.

These may be up for trade again if trade falls through. Feel free to let me know you're interested!

This list is empty.

6. Paint Brush Clothes

Spare paint brush clothes I'd be happy to give away. You might have to petsit a labrat for me if they're on a full account, but otherwise they're free. :)

You will need to have the unclothed pet to transfer. Just NM me if you want any of these!

Numbers are the account they're on for my own reference.

This list is empty.

Items ragingrainbow wants

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1. High Priority Wishlist

Items I am actively seeking to complete current customs for permies.

I will definitely do (full or part) GBCs and customs for these. I may also be willing to part with hidden closet items for them, so if you have any of these feel free to check if I have your wishes.

Numbers are estimated GBC value. I may be willing to overoffer on some of these items if you value them higher, so feel free to ask!

Also always looking for GBCs, rr caps and faerie/lab/archive/training cookies.

This list is empty.

2. Medium Priority Wishlist

Items I am seeking for future permies or customs I'm not in a hurry to complete.

Usually happy to trade any of my items and GBCs/customs for these, unless I'm low on boxes/NC or have a lot of high prio wishes.

This list is empty.

3. Low Priority Wishlist

Things I'd like for custom ideas for possible future permies, alternate items for permies or things I just find pretty and want in my closet so I can use them to dress up labrats.

Always interested in these if they are in a sale or as fillers for bigger trades. I'll probably accept them for casual trades too, unless I'm low on boxes.

This list is empty.

4. Gallery Wishlist

Items I would like for my gallery. I may also be interested in other magic-themed items - I kind of just add to this list as I find things.

I'm pretty casual about completing my gallery so I'm not seeking these very actively and probably won't trade HTPW items for them. But feel free to ask, there are a few I'd like to have in rotation in my closet too!

This list is empty.

5. Possible Trades

These are things on my WL that I have trades set up for. They'll go back on my WL if the trade falls through, so feel free to offer these if you're willing to hold them for a bit just in case.

This list is empty.
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