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Items Kaly owns

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00 Hello there!! 00

Welcome to my Trade List!

Please feel free to neomail me at any time regarding my High Priority wishes. At this time, I am ONLY actively seeking my High Priority wishes. I need these for active permanent outfits.

I prefer to keep trades of my Medium Priority wishes to my active boards on NCC. Please do not mail me about Medium Priority wishes, as they are set to Public, not Trading. I would like these for seasonal outfits, but am in no rush to trade for.

If I have not replied to your neomail within 24 hrs, PLEASE neomail me again or post on one of my active boards in NCC. I often think I have replied only to find my reply has not sent and is still sitting in a tab. I may also send 2 mails without meaning to because it has slipped my mind that I already replied, and is not meant to be inconsiderate.

This list is empty.

1. Reg

Regular TL items.

For casual trade, I'd be happy to browse a TL or accept GBCs/custom (Game packs, Archive/Upcycle cookies, seasonal and RR Mystery Capsules, Event packs. Not seeking Dye Potions or other cookies).

Please note I do use /~waka, /~priscilla, and DTI ratios to help me determine values for trade. I may also need to VC items before trading.

Numbers = Quantity

This list is empty.

5. However Many Boxes

I really just want these items gone. Everything here is 2:1 (or 4:1 for Black Friday GBCs).

This list is empty.

Items Kaly wants

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00 My Wishes - High Priority

I am seeking these items above all others and would be most interested in finding a trade for these. I'd be happy to peek at WLs for any of these, or you may check out my public Shiny Bits list (I will warn that some of the items in that list may only be UFT toward SPECIFIC wishes here. Feel free to inquire). I am also happy to discuss custom/GBC addition to offers, but unless I offer, it is likely I cannot do full value in custom/GBCs.

I may need to VC items on this list, and VC items I may be offering.

This list is empty.
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