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Items raiki owns

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0 - Highlights/HTPW

50 = Reserved
100 = HTPW
Any other number denotes cap value.

Up for trade for priority wishes only.

HTPW UFT mostly for:
DW Black: Jumping Babaa Garland
New Game NC Challenge Game Ticket - Series 8
or my actively seeking WL.

This list is empty.

1 - UFT - Regular

8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake
Castle Nox Corridor of Chance Key 1-Pack
Krawk Island Ship Lamp

Some of these I'll trade for a GBC, Dyeworks Potion, or Archive/FQ/Upcycle cookie. :)

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Items raiki wants

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1 - Gallery Wishlist (Priority)

100 = Highest Priority
21 = Hoping to find in 2:1
50 = Pending a trade!

Non-wearable Wants:
New Game NC Challenge Game Ticket - Series 8

Offering HTPW/highlights & GBCs for DW Black: Jumping Babaa Garland

This list is empty.

2 - Actively Seeking

Offering HTPW/highlights & GBCs for these (unless it says 21 - then I'm looking for them in a 2:1).

(Not pure GBCs, however. I don't have enough for that. T-T)

Boxes: 13
GBCs: 1

This list is empty.

Not Seeking, but I Like

Dress to Impress
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