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All Up For Trade

Current boxes: 9

Numbers mean quantity.

Non wearables UFT-:
Advent Calendar JubJub Power Bounce Token 1-pack

I generally check /~korolie for an idea of values

I'm online every day so if no response is given to a neomail, I probably never got it!

I don't have a 2:1 section but I know a handful of my items would normally be traded like that so just let me know if you'd be seeking 2:1 for any of this stuff.

Last updated: Dec. 12, 2017

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003. Backgrounds/Foregrounds

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Items mmoocow123 wants

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001. Highest Priority

005. Very Low Priority

Cool stuff that I might use, not urgently seeking by any means.

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A Girl Can Dream..

I would absolutely LOVE to have the items in this list but let's be real, the chances of it are slim. I can dream though, and who knows, maybe someday I'll be able to trade enough to achieve them :)

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Dress to Impress
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