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01. Information

first- please don't mail me right now unless it's to offer my trades for priority wishes, or unless i have a board up on the NCC! my mail is frequently so full, so just throw a foal-in-box my way if that's the case.

generally i'm not looking for GBCs unless stated on a board, however i'm always looking for retired mme/baby/altador cup/dyeworks caps!

i have no 2:1 section because i don't pay attention enough to sort that stuff, but you can inquire about doing 2:1 on some stuff.

i have no hidden lists! i own things not on here because i'm not trading them for anything, so whatever is here is what i have uft.

updated june 2020

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11. Black/Grey/White

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13. Unsorted because idk where I want to put them

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I like these, but am in no rush to get them.

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