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A. Hello!

Hi! Most of the stuff listed is very much up for trade. I usually have GBCs if you would like to offer anything on my wishlist. I'm running low on boxes though, so I will probably only trade for high priority items. Feel free to shoot me a neomail if you're interested. I don't bite :)

Update: Few boxes right now, so I likely will not be trading unless you are offering GBCs as part of the trade. I will however be trading again at the end of November, as I plan on getting GBCs then. I'm totally willing to set up pre-trades, but at this point it's mostly high priority only.

Boxes: 4
GBCs: 1

updated November 17, 2017

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Foreground and Background Items

Z. Closet

Items in current or planned customs. I'm unlikely to trade these.

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Z. Paint Brush Clothing

Up for grabs! These are old clothes from lab zaps and paint brushes. Feel free to neomail me if you have a pet who could use these!

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Items adeluz wants

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A. High Priority

Items for planned customs! I'm very likely to trade for these. Items marked 99 are ULTRA SUPER ALPHA priority.

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Stuff I Like

Stuff I don't have plans for, but still find pretty, and would like to have at some point. Probably won't trade for these but if you pick one of my favorites I might!

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