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000. Capsules & Cookies

These are currently offered for top priority or multi item trades. As my NC funds are limited but I have a lot of items, please do not be offended if I do not accept your offer.

(1) NC Archives Fortune Cookie
(1) Golden Clovers Gift Box Mystery Capsule (2 GB min inside)
(5) Sizzling Summer Gift Box Mystery Capsule (2 GB min inside)
(1) Rainbow Watercolour Gift Box Mystery Capsule (2 GB min inside)
(6) Big Top NC Fortune Cookie

This list is empty.

01. Dyeworks Lending

Dyeworks Lending items available for 1 GBC, capsule, game token, or WL item. All original items must be returned within 3 days; you keep your new colored item(s).

OR I will color the items for you in exchange for the Dyeworks potion(s) required & either 1 WL item, GBC, capsule, or game token; I will send you the colored item(s) to you.

This list is empty.

02. UFT

All offers are considered, just please do not be offended if I do not accept. Depending on the items, I am open to 2:1/1:2 trades.

My wish priority lists are tiered and are shifting as I have been off Neo for a bit so even if I don't have a 'wish' for something you have available, I'm still happy to look through your list.

I'm also almost always willing to accept:
- Mystery Capsules
- NC Mall Current/Seasonal Event game tokens/packs
- Bigsby Shadingtons Wonderclaw Widgets
- NC Archives Cookies

This list is empty.

03. HTPW

Hard to part with...

Trade offers will be considered but primarily for items on my Top Priorities, Actively Seeking, and A Girl Can Dream lists.

Please feel free to message about them but please do not be offended if I decline to trade. It is not personal, I am just attached.

This list is empty.

Items mentalyuncertain wants

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03. A girl can dream...

Items that I adore but realize I'm not likely to obtain...

However, if you're offering, NM me! I do not always have GBCs available but can sometimes offer those or custom for these types of wishes.

This list is empty.

04. Casually Seeking

Items that I would love to have, even if I am not actively looking for them right now. Send me a NM if you are interested in trading!

This list is empty.

05. Lowest Priority

My lowest priority, but still desired at some point, items. I will still consider trades for this list but not from my HTPW or VHTPW lists.

This list is empty.

06. Gallery Items

Items that might get used in customs but are primarily wanted for Gallery reasons...

These are low priority generally.

This list is empty.

07. NP Wishlist

A place to keep track of my NP custom wishlist =)[br]

If you happen to have any of these for sale either in your shop, auction, or TP- please NM me!

This list is empty.
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