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February 2020

Almost everything you see are UFT (except the gift section, which is to show appreciation for my friends).
Closet highlights and 88-marked items UFT only for high-priority wishes (or overoffers lol).
Other closet items could be UFT for custom depending on what I want from the mall... but since I do intend to replace them afterwards, I'll take into account their difficulty to replace.

I'm very very sorry if I turn down a fair offer. I'm just way too irresolute.
I always reply to neomails within 48 hours.

This list is empty.

00. Gifts

Love from my dear friends and many kind Neopians.
Set to public, if you see the same item below it means I have a spare.

This list is empty.

2-1. Closet-Regular

Regular things from my closet that I wouldn't mind to trade them for wishes & then replace.

This list is empty.

3. Closet-Dyeworks

This list is empty.

5. Tradelist-Regular

FQC: 30
GBC: Well... plenty.
Custom: Picky!!! But still have plenty.
All are easy to part with.
I tried to remove all the non-junk buyables from the list after I became picky with offering custom, but there might be some that escaped my sight so sorrrrryyyyyy

This list is empty.

6 - 2:1 sale Buyable

This list is empty.

6 - 2:1 sale Unbuyable

Not quite sorted. Junk. Willing to do 2:1 gbc or archive. Or 3:2 training/lab cookie

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Items lorlurin wants

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1. Things I like a lot

Higher priority I guess?
Silver Key Garland and Starry Glowstone is absolute priority & I offer my hidden closet list.
Glow of Goodness I'm waiting for April to see if I can substitute with its dyework versions...

This list is empty.

3-1. For future pets

Is the new pet slot really coming...?
For my xwees and future white ixi, whose custom is soooooo expensive

Here if you're interested: http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2291568

This list is empty.

3-2. Shinies

Things I like solely because they are pretty.
333: Seeking spare

This list is empty.
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