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November 2020
Trading =)
Willing to trade from hidden closet if you have Colourful Staircase BG.

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2-1. Closet-Regular

Regular things from my closet that I wouldn't mind to trade them for wishes & then replace.
Though I do use them so I'd rather not trade for GBC.
22: angiezhang_2
33: alice_evening
99: stardustocean

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3. Closet-Dyeworks

If you can see it, it means this list is set to PUBLIC and I am seeking specific things.
I have to admit that I'm attached to my dyeworks that I don't have a spare.

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5. Tradelist-Regular

FQC: 30
GBC: Well... plenty, I spent way more than I should on the BF sale orz
Custom: 2000NC
All are easy to part with.
77 & 777 means I can buy it for you from the mall.

This list is empty.

z - 2:1 sale Buyable

This list is empty.

z - 2:1 sale Unbuyable

Not quite sorted. Junk. Willing to do 2:1 gbc or archive. Or 3:2 training/lab cookie

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Items lorlurin wants

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1. Things I like a lot

3-1. For a special girl

For a future pet that I am struggling to get.
List is set to PUBLIC, but I would love to trade for these.
777: Very low priority, 22: Pending

This list is empty.

3-2. Very Random Stuff

This and that. Sorry if I turn down a fair offer.

This list is empty.
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