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September 2020
Only trading if I have a board up.

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00. Gifts

Set to PUBLIC. Not for trade! (If you see them below it means I have an extra)

  • Thanks to God Mi (XD) for the spell runes fg and the haunted bg and many more things, love you~ uwu
  • Amber THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Valentine BG, I can't express how grateful I am!!!
  • Thanks to Hemo for gifting me the lamp market bg plus NY in FL BG & saving me from endless board-bumping TwT
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    5. Tradelist-Regular

    FQC: 35
    GBC: 2
    Custom: 6000NC
    All are easy to part with.
    77 & 777 means I can buy it for you from the mall.

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    z - 2:1 sale Unbuyable

    Not quite sorted. Junk. Willing to do 2:1 gbc or archive. Or 3:2 training/lab cookie

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    Items lorlurin wants

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    1. Priority Wishes

    Would like to get them as soon as possible, but I can still live without them.

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    2. For Costums

    Current priority custom goal if you're interested uwu

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