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10/14/2020: Just came back from a couple year hiatus + working on updating my wishlist. Please feel free to offer a trade in the meantime! I'll always answer, even if it's to say 'sorry, no'.

FYI: I can offer GBC or customs for items, but I'm not personally interested in trading for either. Please don't offer - I'll always say no (and then feel bad about it!)

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Items guillamm wants

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Actively Seeking - NC Wishlist

Note: Items sorted into different lists for my own reference only - no impact on trading/personal value.

Non-wearable NC wishlist: [1] Delicate Pastel Sofa [2] Charming Wooden China Cabinet [3] Neovian Wardrobe
[4] Mosaic Dining Table [5] Virtupets Map Screen

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NC Wishlist - Balto

NC Wishlist - Ptolev

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