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00. Please read before trading with me!

1) Values are subjective, I may value the item you are interested in higher than value guides.
2) Items under the "Special" & "Dyeworks" section aren't uft for custom/GBCs unless stated.
3) Don't simply mail me regarding an item and don't respond after I mail you back.
4) Please try not to back out at the very last minute if we have a trade that is already agreed upon.

I also have Capsules, Trinkets & Tokens uft here:

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01. Regular UFT

90% of the items may be available for GBCs.
Please note that some items here are hard to part with.

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02. Dyeworks

The rarer dyeworks here are only uft towards my priority and/or hard to find wishes.

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03. Highlights

All up for trade for the right offer ;)
For Silver Key Garland, Underwater Easter Statue MUST be included.
Would also love for some of my priority wishes to be included as well.

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Items mikasa wants

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03. Priority Wishes

Will offer from any of my tradelist items or custom.
Just mail your offers if you have any I'm seeking :)

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05. Casual

Dress to Impress
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