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A Kind Note

Hi there, thanks for viewing my trade list and wishlist! A few things to note:

I don't buy NC, so I am unable to offer GBC or Custom unless I offer on your board directly. (At which point, I trade for the agreed custom being offered)

I do trade from my UNLISTED closet for priority wishes, feel free to show me your wishlist.

Last Updated:


Buyables Desired:

Bigsby Shadingtons Wonderclaw Widget 5-pack x1 Patapult 10 Pack x 3

GBC Needed;


Upcycles Needed:


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Can I Haz?? Trade List

Regular trade list. (List Setting: Trading)

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Pretrade List

This is a list if items I have pre-trade sets up for;

slinkyg6498 - 2 gbc for DW white: Ruby Caroling Dress catmagic28 - 10 gbcs for Baubles tree & cb bridge bg

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Items Elexia wants

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1.1 High Priority Wishlist

2 Items I am Seeking For (Leashlar)

All items on this list will go to User: Leashlar

I am always seeking this list

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3 Wishlist For Simpsonizer97

The numbers are how many of each item I am seeking, I have 8 Lupes, so I use a lot of the same things for them.

I am always seeking this list

This list is empty.
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