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Be Sure Babe!

This is a list of closet items I would trade toward or for certain wishes only. This list is not uft for custom. This list is only visible when I am seeking those specific wishes which will be listed below in italics. Please don't get upset if I decline an offer. The numbers are what I personally value the items on this list. It is okay for you not to agree, (that doesn't offend me).

Currently only uft towards CBG & Goldies

This list is empty.

Can I Haz?? Trade List

Regular trade list. I am not picky, any numbers on this list are QUANTITY, not value.

This list is empty.

Duh !! 2:1 Trade List

I do upcycle this list, I am sorry if something listed is no longer available!

Everything listed here is 2 items for 1 GBC. I am sorry, I do not offer 3:1 sales, please don't ask me to.

This list is empty.

Items Elexia wants

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2 Items I am Seeking For (Main)

This list is empty.

3 Wishlist For Side

The numbers are how many of each item I am seeking, I have 8 Lupes, so I use a lot of the same things for them.

I am always seeking this list

This list is empty.

Casuals and 2:1 Wishes

I am hoping to get most of these in 2:1 sales, there are a couple ~2-3 value items that are casual wishes.

Updated -1/30/2018

This list is empty.
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