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Section AA: Closet

I am not offering this list for casual wishes or GBC's. Please don't ask.

These items are currently in use. Might be willing to part with them, but they will be difficult to pry from my closet.

This list is empty.

Section B: Regular UFT

I am seeking at least 1gbc for each of these. So please do not ask for 2:1. If a buyable item is here by mistake, please let me know.

This list is empty.

Section C: 2:1 (2 items for 1 gbc)

This list is empty.

Items candiebabe92 wants

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Section A: Priority Wishes (Need right now!)

I need these items to finish off a customization.

Number = What I value them at. Regardless of Waka Value Some items I value HIGHER than Waka. But feel free to let me know what you value them at.

1-2 =12, 3-4=34, 8-10=810 etc.

123= Trade Pending.

This list is empty.

Section B: Casual Wishes/Filler

These items have no planned customization, but would like to add them to my closet. Perfect for filler items.

I will not trade from Highlights/Closet/HTWP for these unless offered to you, so please do not make me an offer.

33 = Lowest desired items 123 = Potential Trade Pending.

This list is empty.
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