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Section A - Highlights and HTPW

Please read below

I have GBC's and customs available, but likely only for priority wishes unless otherwise stated.

99 = Only ever UFT if exclusively stated or offered.

88 = For future customization. Still UFT, but likely only for bigger wishes. (Will be very picky.)

77 = This is pretty. Fight me for it. (Might be picky)

GBC Count: 2

Custom: Infinite (Will Buy when needed)

Box count: 2

Last Updated: November 13th 2019

note: I use Waka for values like everyone else, but some items here, I may disagree with value on.

This list is empty.

Section B: Regular UFT

Some of these items I might be willing to do 2:1 GBC, as I don't feel like separating out those items specifically and putting together it's own list.

Also might do 1:1 for FQC, depending on box count.

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Items candiebabe92 wants

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Section A: Priority Wishes (Need right now!)

I need these items to finish off a customization.

Items marked '33' are lowest priority. Items that have a '55' in the value means I can add gbc's/customs to the trade.

This list is empty.

Would Love to Own...

Items I've fallen in love with but Waka tells me I'll never get them.

Will without a doubt include GBC's and Customs for any of these. THAT DOES NOT MEAN I CAN NOR WILL OFFER EXCLUSIVELY GBC'S.

Willing to also hunt down your wishes, and do multiple box trades.

This list is empty.

Would Love to Replace...

Items I've traded away for other wishes that I'd like to replace. Feel free to offer me these. May not always be willing/able to trade for them.

This list is empty.
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