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000 Status

Can offer custom for wishes at the moment! :'D
I use /~Waka but /~Priscilla in priority if the item is listed there. I might disagree with the value of a few pretties that got less than 20 UFT here but got ~1-2 value on Waka but that's only for a few :')

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1-1. HTPW

Things (not all are necessarily high-valued) that I really like or having them in my closet but rarely used. Probably won't trade for none-wishes/GBCs/Cookies/Custom/common small wishes.

Some are harder to part with than others and marked 99. Would prefer to trade for my priority wishes/large pops only, so sorry if I turn down offers :c

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2-0. Up For Trade - Main Account

Current Box: Some
Noted numbers means quantity.

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2-1. Up For Trade - Side Accounts

Current Box on Side: a few :(
Not seeking GBCs right now, thanks for offering though!

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2:1 GBC sale :)

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Items Hemodream wants

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1. Priority Wishes

77 means pending trades! Offering TL and HTPW for them :)

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3. I like those but not actively seeking

Would love them as filters for trade/for casual trades. I might part with my HTPW items for the pops here too so don't be afraid to ask! :)

77 means pending trades!

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