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Below are all the items I have up for trade.
All offers are considered so please don't hesitate to ask! ^^

Current Box Count: 6
Current GBC Count: 8
Updated: April 5, 2020

To view my 2:1 and other GBC discount sales, please visit:

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UFT - Non-Wearables

Neopets 16th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag (1)
Money Tree Cupcake (3)
Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie (3)

This list is empty.

UFT - Foregrounds, Trinkets, Misc

This list is empty.

UFT - Side Account 2

Currently, this account has zero gift boxes but I will happily trade any of these items for GBCs.

Non-Wearables UFT:
Neopets 16th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

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I will probably only trade these items for my high priority wishes or GBCs but feel free to offer!

Items marked "999" are very hard to part with but not quite enough to consider it a closet item.

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Reserved - Not UFT

Items I'm in the process of trading.

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Items pixienerd wants

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Wishlist - Quick Note!

If I have something you want but you don't have any of the items on my wishlist, feel free to send me your tradelist anyway! I enjoy browsing through them and I may find something I like that I didn't even know existed yet. ^^

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Wishlist - High Priority

Items I adore and/or need for future customizations.
Please let me know what you'd like for these beauties! ^^
Also seeking: GBCs, Archives Fortune Cookies, and Upcycle Fortune Cookies

This list is empty.

Wishlist - Low Priority

Random pretty things I don't really need but will certainly consider trading for if I have enough boxes.

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Maybe someday...

This list is empty.
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