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For NP items, I collect any items having to do with teeth: Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Floss, Mouthrinse, but nothing dealing with the Tooth Fairy lol

Also, anything (NC/NP) Darigan or Spyders for my Darigan/Spyder side account gallery: shockfrost

NP WL items: http://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/jwtruthgirl/

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1- Highlights

Some better items I am not attached to

This list is empty.

5- 2:1

Items in this section are 2:1 GBC


I also have LOTS of buyables, they are just hidden.

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5- 2:1 Buyables

2:1 buyables; Slowly being upcycled

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9- Not Sure Yet

PB Clothes
Acara: Halloween, Island
Aisha: Desert, Disco, Pirate, Robot
Bruce: Fire, Shadow
Draik: Christmas (x3), Halloween, Pirate (x21)
Kyrii: Island
Meerca: Desert
Moehog: Christmas
Pteri: Island

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9- Seasonal Closet Items

Some I'm more attached to than others, feel free to offer though as I just use these throughout the year
99= Currently being used; most likely not UFT

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Closet (Items I am ONLY trading for certain WL items)

I am only actively seeking priority wishes at the moment, so please do not be offended if I refuse a fair offer.

There are items here I don't agree with the values on (some more, some less).
99 items are most likely not UFT currently as they are being used
77 items are only UFT for my Priority wishes

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Dyeworks Closet

Items marked 77 are only UFT for other Priority wishes at the moment

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Items jwtruthgirl wants

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A- Priority Wishlist

I have lots of goodies to trade for these and will offer Custom for them

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B- NC 'Would Like, But Not Priority' Wishlist

I can usually offer Custom/GBCs for these items- some are more priority than others

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C- Items I need to Replace

Items I love but traded for other items I love >.<

Items marked 1000 are items I am actively seeking and will usually offer Custom/GBCs for these

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D- Outfits on Sides

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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