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Items chocolate owns

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00. welcome

uhh i'm not sure where we're going with this yet! my primary tradelist is now impossibly large and crashes my browser though, so this might become my tradelist eventually!
for my current tradelist, please redirect here.

This list is empty.

Free Paint Brush Clothing

Free PB clothing!
As of Dec. 2015: Feel free to ask for these, but note the
space on my accounts is limited a lot of the time.
I may not be able to give any clothing away sometimes.

NOTE: You must have the matching pet color
to be able to take a set.
If you wanted my stealthy ixi set, you'd have to
own a stealth ixi, send it to me, and I would then send it back with the clothing.

By the way, there's no such thing as an "incomplete" clothing set - it's all or nothing.

This list is empty.

i. trades (unsorted)

re-importing my closets to a separate dti list oh boy! some items here may have been previously closeted, and are on their way back there.
to view my wishes, please redirect to my other list.

This list is empty.

ii. capsale

items here are 2:1 for GBCube only. looking for regular swaps for anything else, thank you!

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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