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1.0 welcome

Trade list redone:
10/13/19: 2:1 on main, main, & hidden main TLs

Happy trading!

This list is empty.

1.1 2:1 on main

All these items are 2:1 GBC or Archive/Upcycle Cookie.
May consider 1:1 FQC depending on need.

I may be able to combine items from other accounts.
2:1 items on my side will be in indicated by a '6'.
It will present as quantity:6
ie. 26 (two items, 2:1).
This will be dependant on boxes.

This list is empty.

1.1 Main Account

This list is empty.

1.5 BBBL Side

If item has a 6 it is part of my 2:1 sale
Example: '2' = Quantity 2; '6' = in 2:1 sale; '26' = Quantity 2 & in 2:1 sale

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Items deweydecimal wants

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1. For customizations aka priority

Currently have pets waiting for these items.
999 is priority items.

This list is empty.

3. High value pretties aka dreams

A mimic of the tradelist above, but for rare or higher value items.
Can always offer gbcs, customs, and hidden TLs for these.

This list is empty.

NC collection wishes

Not offering gbcs/customs/pops for this list / Not actively seeking this list.
Just collection of items I like mainly from browsing dti and other player's lists.

This list is empty.
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