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1.0 welcome

For now I've taken away my neomail link.

Trade list redone:
10/13/19: 2:1 on main, main, & hidden main TLs

Happy trading!

This list is empty.

1.01 NP Items I am looking to buy

1.1 2:1 on main

All these items are 2:1 GBC or Archive/Upcycle Cookie.
May consider 1:1 FQC depending on need.

I may be able to combine items from other accounts.
2:1 items on my side will be in indicated by a '6'.
It will present as quantity:6
ie. 26 (two items, 2:1).
This will be dependant on boxes.

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1.1 Main Account

This list is empty.

Items deweydecimal wants

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3. High value pretties

Not needing any of these for a customization.
Items marked "2" I am using an alternative for atm, but would prefer having the original for my look.

This list is empty.

For general collection

This is my hidden WL... hi, hello, welcome.
I'm generally not seeking this list, but if you do offer it to me I may turn down fair offers. I add to this list as I browse around.

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