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Items deweydecimal owns

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1.0 welcome

Not entertaining random trading mails, thanks in advance!

I have hidden lists I'd open for my big wishes, just ask!

This list is empty.

1.1 2:1 on main

All these items are 2:1 GBC or Archive/Upcycle Cookie.
May consider 1:1 FQC depending on need.

I may be able to combine items from other accounts.
2:1 items on my side will be in indicated by a '6'.
It will present as quantity:6
ie. 26 (two items, 2:1).
This will be dependant on boxes.

This list is empty.

1.1 Main Account

This list is empty.

1.5 BBBL Side

If item has a 6 it is part of my 2:1 sale
Example: '2' = Quantity 2; '6' = in 2:1 sale; '26' = Quantity 2 & in 2:1 sale

This list is empty.

Items deweydecimal wants

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1. "priority"

Items I want the most.
items 999 is priority items.

This list is empty.

3. General trade list of higher valued items

A mimic of the tradelist above, but for rare or higher value items.
A casual wish list, you may say.
I may open hidden lists, etc for these items.

This list is empty.

NC collection wishes

Not offering gbcs/customs/pops for this list / Not actively seeking this list.
Just collection of items I like mainly from browsing dti and other player's lists.

This list is empty.
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