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These are some of my prettier/rarer items. Also, have the following unopened caps up for trade for some of my priority wishes.

Unopened Retired Mystery Capsules, 4x Raining Petals Retired Mystery Capsule, 3x Altador Cup Retired Mystery Capsule, 4x NC Mall 14th Birthday Ona Mystery Capsule, 4x Retired Wonderclaw Mystery Capsule, 2x Usukicon Y23 Mystery Capsule\ Retired Superpack Mystery Capsule 2022 x9 Coconut Cutie Myster Capsule x 6 NC Mall 15th Tutti Frutti Birthday Capsule x5 15th Birthday Bath Day Wish Candle x2

Retired Gift Box Capsules Glamorous Birthday, Autumn Forest, Pastel Flowers, Blooming Flowers (x3), Sea Glass, Ocean Waves, Lemony Splash, Sundial, Stormy Skies (x4), Linen & Lace (x4), Winter Starlight, Sparking Snowflake (x2), Cherry Blossom, Golden Clovers, Winter Dreams (x2), Mosaic Hearts (x2)

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A Tradelist

This is my tradelist. Always looking for my wishlist.

This list is empty.

Items sweetseastar wants

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