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Items wufan owns

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0. Dyeworks Lending

02. Closet

This list is generally made up of items that are currently in my closet and items I adore. I'm most likely only willing to part these items toward harder to find wishes/populars I am seeking, but feel free to offer!

This list is empty.

04. Tradelist: Main [2 boxes]

This list is empty.

9. Tradelist: Buyables (2:1)

These are 2:1 for gbcubes and maybe items depending on how many boxes I currently have.

This list is empty.

Gifts (not uft)

Thank you so much to all of the kind neopians out there. (: Any items found in my tradelist are duplicates.
My apologies if something is not listed on here. ;w;

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Items wufan wants

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Always Seeking

I am usually always after the following:

  • GBCs
  • FQCs
  • Archive Cookies
  • Neoboard pens
  • This list is empty.

    Future Customizations

    I don't desperately want these, but I don't mind trading for them. (:

    This list is empty.

    Need for a Trade

    This list is empty.

    Need to Replace

    These items are semi-priorities.

    This list is empty.

    Priority Wishes

    These are items I am seeking to complete a customization.

    This list is empty.

    Regular Wishes

    These are items I'm not in a rush to get.

    This list is empty.

    Seeking For Friends (:

    Seeking stuff for these qties:

    This list is empty.
    Dress to Impress
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