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- notes -

hi, i'm vicky.
for the most part, i am open to nc trades so feel free to neomail me if you would like to trade (:
as a general note though, i /never/ have any gbcs/custom to offer unless i specifically state it. sorry! :c

last updated: december 2017

i generally base my values off of /~korolie and /~ezu.
i'm more than willing to do a vc board though!

items marked '21' are 2:1 for a gbc

happy trading everyone! (:

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0. dyeworks lending

i'm lending these items 2:1/1:1 for a cubed gbc or 1:1 for a dyeworks potion.
depending on where the item is located and my box count, i may not be able to lend 2:1 for a gbc though. ;(

This list is empty.

01. tradelist: main (xxdemilovatoxxd) [0 boxes]

This list is empty.

06. tradelist: buyables (2:1)

i can trade these 1:1 for items or 2:1 for cubed gbcs, depending on where the items are located. (:

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i. closeted/htpw

most items are currently in use, so i might be picky with them.
i don't mind parting them for my current wishes though. (:

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xo. gifts (not uft)

i'd like to thank all of the kind neopians out there who helped me achieve my wishes. (:

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Items wufan wants

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01. always seeking

for the most part, i'm always seeking the following:
gift box capsules, faerie quest cookies, training cookies, archive cookies, dyeworks potions (when there's new dyeworks) and green neoboard pens!
i'm also currently seeking dw rr caps to feed my gambling addiction. (':

This list is empty.

02. priority wishes

these are items i'm currently seeking to complete a customization. for the most part, i am willing to part my closeted/htpw section for these.

88 = top priority!
i can part hidden closet items for these, so feel free to show me your wls (:

This list is empty.

03. need for a trade

if i'm currently working on a trade, these items are my top priority and i can part my closeted/htpw section for them. (:

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04. need to replace

i have this huge tendency to trade away closet items, so this is a list of stuff i need to replace. ideally, i'd rather trade from my tradelists than my closeted/htpw section for them (bc counterproductive), but i am more than willing to offer closeted items depending on what i'm seeking/you're offering!

This list is empty.

05. casual wishes

sometimes, when i'm bored or inspired i like to make customizations. generally items listed here aren't a /huge/ priority because i have a tendency to not use the customization later on LOL.
i'd usually be interested in accepting these items as filler items though. c:

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06. seeking for friends (:

seeking stuff from these lists:

if you have anything they're seeking and i have something on your wishlist, please let me know! (:
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07. wouldn't mind having

this is generally a list of bigger items that i want to own, have spares of, or want to replace but i'm not /actively/ seeking them. if you have anything i'm seeking, feel free to show me your wishlists!

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