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As of 8/10/15, I will be in graduate school. If I don't respond to your messages, it's probably because I haven't been able to stay on neopets for long periods of time. If you are still interested, send another message again a few days later.

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1. Buyables 3:1 Game.

I can also swap items in this list for buyables I want from the mall. :)

If your GBC gives me 2 boxes, I'll give you 2 items from this list. If your gbc gives me 3 or more boxes, I'll give you 3 items from this list.

These are most likely to be upcycled.

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2. UFT

I can offer customs for my WL items if you aren't interested in my items.

Also have: Baby Sweetheart GramX2, Bountiful Hearts Goodie Bag, 3x7th Birthday Cake Slice #2, Raindorf Goodie Bag, and Polar Trousers Goodie Bag.

Other items UFT:

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Items azntemper wants

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1. Actively Seeking

I can also offer GBCs or customs for actively seeking. For casually seeking and my Lenny's customization, I can offer customs currently. Everything else I prefer items trades

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2. Casually Seeking

Just browsing around to see if I can get these items with my TL & Customs. I might add a gbc or or depending on the item.

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3. For My Lenny's Future Customizations

Have no customs planned but these dresses looked fine on a lenny. Her bottom and her thin figure usually causes quite a bit of problem with trying to find a dress.

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Possibly getting in a trade

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Wouldn't mind getting extras of

These items I have, but I wouldn't mind getting extras of for trading material.

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