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0 - Little Note!

That is where you can find my 4:1 game.

I don't always answer mails, and I'm sorry about that. Living with a toddler can be distracting but feel free to mail again!

This list is empty.

1 - Up For Trade

I may trade items here for GBCs c:

This list is empty.

3 - Side S NC

This list is empty.

6 - Hard To Part With Items

Mainly UFT for priority wishes

Items with a "5" are especially hard to part with.

This list is empty.

8 - VERY Hard to Parth With!

Okay, this list are some items that are not currently in use but I like very much

Sorry in advance if I do reject a totally fair offer!

UFT for my "need now" list

Any items marked with a 5 are seriously hard for me to let go even if I'm not using them!

This list is empty.

(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.
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